Clinical Tips in Prehospital Emergency Medicine 

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Quick tutorial video on simple clinical questions in prehospital emergency medicine

Forget ALS Guidelines when dealing with PEA. Part 2.


If you were interested in Forget ACLS Guidelines when dealing with Pulseless Electric Activity Part 1 here is the Part 2 of the presentation.

In Part 1 we discussed about diagnosis and diagnostic tools. Here are suggested alternative way to evaluate and treat patients with PEA.

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Is this the sub $100 Videolaryngoscope ? Has HolyGrail been found?

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Originally posted on Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine - THE PHARM dedicated to the memory of Dr John Hinds:


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Forget ACLS guidelines if you are dealing with Pulseless Electric Activity. Part 1.

ACLS Guidelines are misleading about diagnosis and treatment of pulseless electric activity (PEA)
This takes to conceptual and clinical errors when treating patients in cardiac arrest.
Let’s see why and if there is a better way to follow when dealing with this kind of patients.
First part is about diagnosis and diagnostic tools.

Live your comment below and see you soon for Part 2. The treatment options.



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An other fundamental procedure for prehospital emergency care teached on animal model at Sidney HEMS.
Enjoy the video.

Originally posted on Greater Sydney Area HEMS:

Here is a recommended open ‘finger’ thoracostomy technique for ventilated patients as taught by Dr Geoff Healy at Sydney HEMS Team Induction training August 2015, using porcine tissue.

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Why would you clamp a tracheal tube?

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Very imprtant tip to improve care during transfer of the ventilated patients. There’s also an explaination video of the technique based on animal model. Surprisingly efficient and comfortably simple for retrivialist professionals.

Originally posted on Greater Sydney Area HEMS:

This video explains the rationale for clamping the tracheal tube in PEEP-dependent patients prior to switching ventilator circuits, a manoeuvre that is included in our Difficult Oxygenation Operating Procedure

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Evolution of inexpensive videolaryngoscopy: from concept to practice

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Low budget (but perfectly working) video laryngoscope make us re-thinking about the usefulness of allocating resources in medical equipment. Is there a reason for medical technology to be so expensive? Thanks to the authors every medical professional can understand what there’s behind big companies manufactured devices. It’s time to open our mind and realazing that economical interests (and relaite conflicts) are not limited to big pharma but spreaded in many fields of medical supplies.

Originally posted on Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine - THE PHARM dedicated to the memory of Dr John Hinds:

Evolution of inexpensive videolaryngoscopy: from concept to practice

Dr. John George Karippacheril,
Specialist Anaesthesiologist, Abu Dhabi,
Former Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology,
Manipal University, India.
Twitter: @johngeorgedon

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” — Jonathan Swift

Not many procedures in Medicine have received the attention and focus of medical practice, especially in critical care, as laryngoscopy. A secure airway serves as a lifeline to the critically ill, yet the process of securing it remains at times enigmatic, more of an art than a science. Inability to secure the airway or airway related critical incidents remains a cause of morbidity and mortality in hospitals globally. Not every physician or healthcare provider may have the training or the tools they need to achieve a high degree of competence.

But why is this procedure fraught with difficulties, with dangers lurking around the corner? Well, it depends…

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Resuscitative hysterotomy

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Another educational workshop from Sidney HEMS.
Today’s topic is resuscitative hysterectomy.
Watch the video for more information about the technique.

Originally posted on Greater Sydney Area HEMS:

This practical workshop is part of the Sydney HEMS Team Induction Training, and is one component of a learning program that also includes online preparatory material, simulation, a multi-station formal team objective structured practical assessment (also called ‘the exam’), and human factors training.

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Clamshell Thoracotomy Training

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Great educational video on a lifesaving procedure.

Originally posted on Greater Sydney Area HEMS:

Induction Training for new HEMS Team members includes a procedure lab for life, limb and sight saving procedures.

Here’s an excerpt from a session on clamshell thoracotomy by Dr Geoff Healy

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HEMS winch Training

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